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Can Charlotte Get Past Its Troubles?

Charlotte's got one of the strongest regional office markets in the country, but recent events have cast a shadow over the city. What will be their long-term impact? Hear more about it at our Charlotte Office Development Forum at the Hilton Charlotte Center City on Oct. 25.


CitiSculpt managing partner Charles Lindsey McAlpine, a speaker at the event, tells us Charlotte's at risk of not keeping demand up, simply based on recent politics. "At the beginning of 2016, the ULI ranked and predicted Charlotte as the third-fastest growth metro nationwide," he says. "That was before the riots and the HB2 controversy. Do we all think we will live up to that ranking? PayPal and others may argue the point."

Also, he points out, the continuing arguments between the leadership of the city and the state are hurting Charlotte's ability to create and attract jobs to the region. "This is a time to look out for the good of the whole community."


"Charlotte is a great city with many amenities, but we aren't the only choice for people to live/work/play," Charles says. "There are many other great cities competing with us that aren't dealing with Charlotte's problems. We need to band together as a progressive, confident and focused team rather than one crippled by weak, single-issue, party politics. Look at once-great cities in other states, such as Ohio and Michigan, to see the real effects of arrogance, weak leadership and poor policies."

For its part, CitiSculpt aims to develop competitive space, Charles says. It sees its Morehead Street development by I-77 as "a great and convenient place for people to thrive in their work environments, while also creating opportunities for other important personal activities, such as errands, exercise, dining out and socializing after work."

Hear more from Charles and our other expert speakers at Bisnow's Charlotte Office Development Forum, beginning at 7:30am on Oct. 25 with breakfast and schmoozing at the Hilton Charlotte Center City. Sign up here.