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Strawn Village redevelopment conceptual drawing
In about 90 days, the Charlotte Housing Authority will begin seeking proposals from developers for a makeover of the Strawn Village affordable housing project in the heart of Dilworth. The scope of work: recasting the sleepy, subsidized housing property into a 1.2M SF mixed-use project. Project detractors say the area, at Euclid Avenue and South Boulevard, is prone to flood with the structures that are in place now, which include the 190-unit Strawn Tower. CHA's Jeff Meadows tells us any negotiations with developers will include how best to handle stormwater runoff along with strategies for the existing buildings on the 17-acre site and new additions.
CHA's Jeff Meadows with his family, son Chandler, now 10 months, wife Hope, and daughter, Sophia, 3
Jeff with his delightful family: son Chandler, now 10 months, wife Hope, and daughter, Sophia, three. Dilworth is one of Charlotte's oldest neighborhoods, which is great, except that its storm drainage and sewer systems are also among the oldest in town. Growth in the South End area in recent years has meant more impervious surfaces, and that has caused standing water during heavy rains (like the seven inches Charlotte enjoyed last week). The City of Charlotte is working on a stormwater concept for the area, Jeff tells us, and any redevelopment of the Strawn site will be built out over a long enough period that the existing runoff problems should be resolved. ?We've always thought of this as a 10-year build-out at best,? Jeff says. ?And given the way the world is now, it may be even longer.? No project cost yet.