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Smaller is Better

Smaller is Better
Wendy Field, Tom Dorsett
Residential projects that were put on the shelf during the recession are being dusted off in Charlotte. For apartments, that might mean large  properties, but in the case of for-sale properties, small is in. Wendy Field Consulting prez Wendy Field (pictured with contractor T.H. Dorsett prez Tom Dorsett) tells us that her project, the Cottages on Euclid, was originally planned before the recession. But "as I started to revisit the site again, I went in a totally different direction."
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Cottages on Euclid
The Cottages on Euclid is a small project, only 19 townhouses, Wendy says, to be built in phases by T.H. Dorsett over the next year-and-a-half to two years. The advantage of that  pace, she explains, is that buyers can move in as early as the end of the year or in later phases after that. As for the size, "people want to be in smaller communities, because it builds a stronger association between the residents and the community," she notes. The size of the development also allows for more  private outdoor spaces, such as porches and patios for grilling, as well as private garages for each townhome.