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School Finds Location in...Take a Guess

WASHINGTON DC 05.16.2017


Demands, Drivers and Disruptors of Two of DC's Largest Tenant Groups

Tom Ikeler -- PN Hoffman
David Bevirt -- Brookfield
Dan Dooley -- Carr Properties
School Finds Location in...Take a Guess
School Finds Location in...Take a Guess
Putting a school in University City may seem like the obvious choice, but if people really wanted non-obvious endings, M. Night Shyamalan would still be making blockbusters. ?It's so hard to find a place that is safe for children and zoned for a school,? says Stacey Haskell, head of Corvian Community School, which won charter designation earlier this year. It started looking for new space away from its former hometown of Huntersville because zoning was a problem there. Eventually, the school found a vacant day-care center on 15 acres in  University City, with the added bonus of being on the Mallard Creek Greenway. The school will open its doors to 88 K-3 students next week, with plans to expand in future years.