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Retailers on the Hunt in the Carolinas

Retailers on the Hunt in the Carolinas
Will Hudson, Sierra U.S.
Retailers and restaurants around the US understand that it's time to enter  the Carolina markets  to position themselves for the long-term, Sierra U.S. partner Will Hudson tells Bisnow. "The Carolinas have been growing for a long time and will continue to do so." The Chicago firm recently tapped Will, an industry veteran, to launch Sierra's operations in the Carolinas and Georgia. As the company's clients grow in the region, Sierra wants to grow as well, he says.Demographically, that's no surprise, as Charlotte leads the way in growth—the Census Bureau said it was number one in population growth among cities of more than a million during the 2000s, and Raleigh isn't far behind. Moreover, markets like Greenville, Charleston, Durham-Chapel Hill, and Columbia already have or are quickly approaching 1 million. (And two things are true of all these people: they've gotta eat and they've gotta buy essentials like clothes.)