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QSRs All the Rage....for now

WASHINGTON DC 08.16.2017


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QSRs All the Rage....for now

Another day, another quick-service restaurant comes to town. QSRs are hot, but at what point will there be too many in Charlotte? Regardless of the state of the market or how many jobs the local economy is producing, there's always risk of saturation in a market, Merrifield Patrick Vermillion's director of retail services Keely Simerville tells us. While she thinks Charlotte can support more QSRs, they "need to be conscious of competition from like concepts, location, quality of food, and service."Â

QSRs All the Rage....for now

Natural selection is at play. The best food quality and service will win out every time, no matter how many QSR concepts are in a market, Keely says. (The irony of employing "survival of the fittest" in a story about our race to fill ourselves with more food is not lost on us.) Recently, Keely repped Moe's Southwest Grill in its lease of 2,400 SF in the Carmel Village retail center in Charlotte. The Keith Corp's Alan Marshall repped the landlord, Quail Hollow Investment Group. It will be Atlanta-based Moe's 12th location.