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Not Your Grandpa's Barracks

Not Your Grandpa's Barracks


Corvias Military Living managing director Mike Steiner tells us that despite sequestration, the development of military housing will continue. For one thing, budget cuts are only the latest obstacle faced by military housing developers. There have been a lot of challenges over the past 10 years, and weve worked with our military partners to find solutions," he says. "And there will continue to be challenges, whether they be related to budgets, deployments, or increasing the opportunities for single senior leaders to live closer to younger soldiers."

Randolph Pointe Bldg_Corvias shoot

Corvias recently broke ground on Phase 2 of the Randolph Pointe apartments at Fort Bragg. The success of Phase 1 led Randolph Pointe to expand, Mike tells us. When completed in 2014, it'll add 120 new apartments for senior unaccompanied service members stationed at the fort. (Guys like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.) Similar pilot housing initiatives have been tested at Forts Drum, Irwin, Stewart, and Bliss, but Randolph is the first to expand because of Corvias ability to develop the project without any new government funding. Fort Bragg is well known as home to the US Armys Airborne and Special Operations Forces, but less so that the fort is largest military installation in the world by population.