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Brackett Flagship Properties' Diane Brackett Rivers with Concorde Construction's Holly Alexander & CREW Charlotte's prez); Flagship Capital's Jim Rogers; and Alfred Williams & Co.?s Bob Carter at recent CREW Charlotte luncheon.
Brackett Flagship Properties' Diane Brackett Rivers had few career options presented to her as a soon-to-graduate college student in the early 1970s: Teacher or nurse. She chose teacher because she couldn't stand the sight of blood, but after teaching one year, she decided the red stuff might not be so bad. She did wind up in thehealthcare industry, but as a developer of medical office buildings. Diane was the featured speaker at this month?s CREW Charlotte luncheon at the Ritz uptown, where we snapped her with Concorde Construction's Holly Alexander (CREW Charlotte's prez), Flagship Capital's Jim Rogers (the investment arm of Flagship Properties), and Alfred Williams & Co.?s Bob Carter.
About 175 attended the CREW Charlotte luncheon Tuesday at the Ritz Carlton
Diane wowed many younger women in the audience as she explained what it was like in the 1980s to rise up from commercial property manager and broker to ultimately become a MOB developer—and still be invisible in a roomful of men. (Just remember that the woman in the Fantastic Four can make herself invisible and then kicks butt.) Even though Diane now stands as owner of one of themost successful MOB development companies in the Southeast, she today still confronts being regarded (by some knuckle-draggingpeers) as ?just a woman.?  She's planning three new medical officesnext year. Revenge is a dish best served at the Ritz.