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Pam Goodman, CEO, Beacon Communities

Boston Power Women

Can we talk game changers? Beacon is redeveloping Old Colony, once the largest (845 apartments)—and among the most troubled—public housing developments in Boston. Beacon has completed construction of 245 LEED Platinum apartments (40 more will be completed next spring) and is working with the City on a financing plan to redevelop the rest of the property. Beacon anticipates a LEED Neighborhood Gold designation. Beacon also does market-rate housing, like the 113 luxury apartments at the historic conversion of Ames Shovel Works in Easton. Pam, a Detroit native, started working as a public housing manager but development lured her away. It’s tangible and never boring; you have to focus on what’s happening in front of you and look down the road at the same time. How she advanced: a combination of hard work, luck and for 18 years, a great team at Beacon. Advice: speak up, be proactive and strive for as much balance as possible.