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Mary Lentz, EVP, McCall & Almy

Boston Power Women

Mary's biggest deal to date: repping Partners HealthCare for its build-to-suit at Assembly Row of 750k SF (occupancy Q2 '16) with control over 1.1M SF is the most significant deal this top tenant broker has done. Federal Realty’s $1.5B, mixed-use Assembly Row is transforming Somerville from a C to an A location. But the job creation that would be needed to revitalize locations like I-495 hasn’t materialized, she says. Mary started as a public accountant and then did tax-oriented real estate syndications. In ’86, when changes in federal law killed that business, she got into development with Chiofaro; she managed a publicly traded REIT and then joined McCall & Almy in '96. Mary says she's deal-oriented and likes the creativity of finding win/win solutions. Mentors: Elliot Surkin, Bill McCall. Advice: have children late when you can afford a nanny--much easier to manage the work/life balance.