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4 Ways Security Systems Can Cut Costs

Security isn’t the first tool that pops to mind as an improvement to your bottom line. Modern-day security tech, however, is equipped not just to raise your business' safety standards, but to roll back the associated costs.


Real estate security personnel are evolving to incorporate the future into their operations, both by anticipating need and envisioning the possibilities of effective and actionable intelligence. The integration of surveillance cameras and video analytics systems provides a holistic and effective solution for monitoring facilities, which can help lower costs.

Bisnow spoke with Avigilon, a Vancouver-based comprehensive provider of security systems, to discuss four ways that the latest video technologies can help improve business efficiency.

1. Increased ROI Of HD

The latest high-definition cameras aren’t just more sophisticated than analog brands. They’re more efficient for your space.

Cameras built with HD megapixel quality cover a wider area with fewer camera units. Image resolution can be increased while minimizing the requirements and costs for storage and bandwidth. By recording only during specific types of events, video analytics can save energy during quieter moments and optimize recording volume in times of need. These perks ultimately make monitoring more affordable over time.


2. Resource Maximization

The total cost of IT security ownership can be lowered through centralized maintenance, including system upgrades and diagnostics. Reducing bandwidth requirements minimizes time spent on administration and maintenance, and further lessens energy and financial costs associated with retaining higher bandwidth.


3. Workload Optimization

With an up-to-date security system that includes self-learning video analytics technology, a single operator can monitor more areas through fewer cameras, boosting security personnel capabilities.

Administrators can benefit from a variety of efficiencies. Available video analytics technology allows for near-instantaneous searches for vehicles and people, regardless of which analytics events are configured beforehand.

The system can expand the physical area covered and increase the probability of taking proper, timely action in case of an emergency, while immediately sending email footage — even combining multiple clips across the time frame of an emergency — to law enforcement when dispatched. Users can further view and respond from any connected mobile smart device.


4. Faster Emergency Response

Real-time alerts enable security personnel to react immediately, protecting people, property and assets. High-definition video surveillance equipped with video analytics helps with faster, more accurate forensic investigations to provide detailed evidence to law enforcement.

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