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C&W Head of US Capital Markets, Rob Griffin, Starts at Newmark on Monday

Boston Office

Leader of the region’s top investment sales team, Robert Griffin, who was the president of Cushman & Wakefield New England and the company's head of US capital markets—along with vice chairman Edward Maher and executive director Matthew Pullen—has left after a long tenure. Rob (who we snapped in is office last summer) has racked up $31B in sales. On Monday, the three start at Newmark, Grubb, Knight & Frank. 


Memorable deals for Rob's team and for the city: the 2010 purchase of the Hancock Tower by Boston Properties for $930M from Normandy, which acquired it in '08 for $650M. Rob's team leased and sold the tower for Normandy. Also, Oxford's $2.1B purchase of a Blackstone downtown office portfolio