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At Bisnow's Seaport Event: Inside Scoop from Fallon Company

Boston Multifamily

At Bisnow’s 3rd Annual State of the Seaport event, March 26, Fallon Co EVP Richard Martini will let us in on the how and why its projects at the South Boston waterfront and Fan Pier have been among the most successful and transformative in the region, i.e. the 1.1M SF Vertex office/lab complex is under agreement to be sold for $682/SF. Richard, the company’s design, development, and construction guru, is hip deep in Fan Pier’s fourth building (above, the actual building will be larger, they assure us): 22 Liberty, 111 luxury condos at the water’s edge. Slated for late ’15 occupancy, Fallon has long been marketing the $1M-plus homes to a waiting list of 2,000 people, Richard tells us. 


Soon, construction will start on an office building where last year, Goodwin Proctor agreed to lease 360k SF. Also, design work is underway on building six—an adjacent hotel or hotel/residence. The Fallon Co’s “overnight” success has taken 13 years, Richard says. In '02, it started work in the neighborhood on the Parklane Apartmentsin ’04, on the Westin Boston, and in 08, on Fan Pier’s ONE Marina Park Dr office building “more or less on spec”, he says. Now, construction is well underway on the area’s first big, new condo project (above) and the momentum at Fan Pier and the Seaport is exciting and gratifying. Hear more, register here.