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A New BRA?

Boston Mixed-Use

Yesterday, Mayor Walsh announced his cabinet, with a top post for economic development, who will have to consider issues important to commercial real estate. For any wondering if the mayor’s really interested in the property markets, witness this photo of him that we snapped at the recent opening party for 315 on A, Gerding Edlen’s new multifamily rental building in Fort Point. We’ve been assured that the mayor’s appearance there was more than just an opportunity to sample Ming Tsai’s cooking.


His new cabinet reflects the mayor’s understanding that real estate development is key to strengthening the economy. The $650M expansion of Landmark Center (above), which the mayor hailed as “great for the city,” was the first development to be approved under his administration. The new cabinet post is step one in changing BRA operations to make the Authority more transparent and accessible to all Bostonians. (A kinder, gentler BRA.) This cabinet department will start by auditing the BRA to determine what does--or does not--work to foster economic growth.