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EBI Empowers Lifesaving Work At Fulcrum

Boston-based biotech company Fulcrum Therapeutics is dedicated to developing new, gene-regulation-targeting medicines boldly exploring a realm of pharmacology made accessible by the leaps in cutting-edge genomic research and funding in recent years.


The team recently engaged EBI Consulting to accelerate the endeavor with its suite of Environmental Health and Safety-oriented services. The scope of the project encompassed laboratory commissioning, administering new hire and lab safety training, obtaining the necessary permits for lab operations and developing OSHA compliance programs.

Professionals from EBI and Fulcrum worked closely together to ensure the labs were in complete compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

In addition, EBI’s wastewater experts were able to assist Fulcrum in securing an MWRA sewer use discharge permit, preparing an operations and maintenance manual, and commissioning Fulcrum’s industrial pretreatment system for pH neutralization.

When potentially lifesaving work—developing new, innovative treatments to deliver a new future to patients and their families—requires carefully calibrated instruments, a sterile lab environment and reliable equipment, the choice and implications of which consulting company to partner with transcend the bottom line.

Fulcrum’s therapies mobilize the new science of modulating gene regulation via control of epigenetic on and off switches of disease genes. The EBI team was delighted to leverage their deep expertise to advance this company’s admirable mission.

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