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Your Office: Killer App in the War for Talent


Attracting the best young talent to your company means having an office environment where they’ll want to spend time, that helps them produce their best work and encourages communication among colleagues, according to Colliers International executive managing director Martha O’Mara. That's why we're excited to hear from Martha and other experts at our Bisnow Office of the Future Event on May 28, starting at 7:30am at the Sheraton Boston.


For Millennials, much of life takes place at work, but with all of our mobile apps, the office isn’t always the place for heads-down work. It’s where we do the tasks that call for communication with and inspiration from colleagues. There is no one set formula for how to achieve such an environment, Martha says. Creating the optimal workplace isn’t necessarily about using less space. It’s about creating better space that encourages your unique mix of talent to be productive and do their best. For landlords, ask yourself: Are the offices in our portfolio suited for the new work style? What design and operational changes do we need to make?


Since most businesses spend much more on HR than on real estate, it’s important for office users to invest up front on learning the preferences and work habits of the staff, Martha tells us. What type of workplace will keep them engaged and productive? The money invested in doing workplace research can be transformational. When do your people arrive? How do they spend their time in the office? How can your company do better? Think about now and about the future. Who will your employees be and what will they want? Hear more from the experts at Bisnow’s Office of the Future Event on May 28, starting at 7:30am at the Sheraton Boston. (Register here.)