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Q&A: The Future Of Security Systems With Avigilon's Mike Milan


It’s easy to think of surveillance cameras strictly as security-improvement devices. But equipped with the latest video analytics technology, today’s systems can be leveraged to make businesses run more smoothly.

Bisnow chatted with Mike Milan, regional sales director of Vancouver-based security tech firm Avigilon, about how real estate professionals can expand the boundaries of security monitoring as far down as the level of ticketing in parking garages.


Bisnow: What are video analytics?

Milan: Video analytics technology makes surveillance smarter. It enables users to evaluate what is happening in real time and provide alerts to respond more quickly and efficiently to events. It’s what we call making video actionable.

An accurate video analytics system will use pattern-based technology to improve the effectiveness of monitoring by paying attention to what’s most important, detecting the people and vehicles in a scene and watching what they do. Avigilon uses a patented self-learning analytics technology that enables a camera to learn about its environment without manual calibration. This helps increase accuracy and productivity for security personnel.

Actionable video can help businesses not only better monitor and verify activity, but could also help improve operational efficiencies to reduce costs, especially in parking garages.

Bisnow: How can video analytics help improve parking?

Milan: A surveillance system in a parking garage can be programed to alert security personnel to hazards unique to that site, such as traffic backed up beyond a set boundary; a delivery truck overstaying its allotted time in a loading dock; illegally parked vehicles in emergency-only areas; or even drivers moving in the wrong direction in a car park.

With real-time alerts, operators have the information they need to act immediately before a situation becomes a problem.

Bisnow: Can a security system integrate with an existing ticketing system?

Milan: Yes. Cameras can provide evidence of illegal parking and provide plate information to automatic ticketing systems. It’s especially helpful if those cameras can read license plates in very low light and in bright lights like headlights.

Bisnow: What other systems can integrate with video analytics?

Milan: Access control is one of the most helpful integrations. When the systems work together, the video analytics system can provide a live feed to an operator who can verify that the credential owner matches the person presenting the credential. The analytics system can track where the person went and alert the operator if they go into a restricted area.

Bisnow: How else can video analytics help improve day-to-day operations?

Milan: Video verification can help you oversee the execution of processes by staff to make sure that tasks are completed. For example, you can ensure that aisles have been cleared or that material has been stored properly. You can verify who has accessed essential on-site services such as air-conditioning systems, electrical panels and IT rooms. And since the system can authenticate when people come and go, analytics can be used to monitor cleaning staff or other workers to ensure that tasks are completed within contracted times.

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