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Design in the Age of the New Office


Rising lease rates are driving a number of design requests, says Steffian Bradley Architects president Kurt Rockstroh. These include smaller work areas and more shared workstations with no individual ownership of any specific space. Also highly requested: Configurations that allow for future subleases, and more flexible space using modular components (especially from clients with shorter-term leases of five years or less). Kurt adds that floating workstations are also in demand, allowing outside consultants a place to work within an open office team setting, as well as interaction areas, flexible bench space and individualized video access and headsets. Other considerations lend an ear to an acoustic focus: use of white noise, absorptive surfaces and headphones to deal with distraction issues, as well as places to exercise, meditate and rest. Another bestseller: Open-plan environments that allow for natural light. For more info on our Bisnow partner, click here.