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Wrapping Up at ICSC

Wrapping Up at ICSC

5.23.13 edens

While on the ground at ICSC's RECon in Vegas this week, we stopped by Eden's booth and snapped key development leadersSenthil Sankaran, Jeff Kaufman, and Tom Kiler. The 50-year-old company has $4B in assets, including 111 grocery-anchored centers, and likes to think of its mission as creating "community gathering spots." In DC they've recently unveiled the Mosaic District in Merrifield and they're well known for landmarks like Burlington's Middlesex Commons and Atlanta's Merchants Walk in Marietta. It was started 50 years ago by Joe Edens and--in case you oldsters or formalists were wondering--officially dropped the "Avant" in its name two years ago, since it was almost universally referred to the way it is now.