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Why Tenants Love the Seaport

Why Tenants Love the Seaport
Kairos Shen, Boston's chief planner, says it's far from serendipitous that so many start-ups, life science, and tech companies are moving into the Seaport. Learn how Mayor Menino and Kairos? team at the Boston Redevelopment Authority are formulating Innovation District policies at Bisnow's State of the Seaport District Summit on March 5 at The World Trade Center.Register here!
Kairos Shen, Boston's chief planner,
Kairos tells us that during the recession, it became clear that good urban planning in Boston had to be accompanied by a sound economic development strategy. In the past, the City relied too much on market forces to determine the best land uses. But during the downturn, the projects that were the easiest to finance proved most vulnerable to disruption. The mayor then found a sound strategy: Catering to the needs of the innovative companies populating the region. The Innovation District is more than a slogan. It's planning geared to create a live/work neighborhood, with a vibrant physical and cultural environment rich in places to meet, from restaurants to the soon-to-be-built Innovation Center. (This would've been the perfect opportunity to bring back the discotheque.)
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