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Thank You, Kevin White

Thank You, Kevin White
As a four-term mayor of Boston (1968 to 1984), Kevin White lifted the city up from the doldrums of the Great Depression and launched it on a path to again become a world class city by (among other things) planning, preserving, reviving, and building.
Mayor of Boston (1968 ? 1984), Kevin White
During his tenure, a downtown devoid of new development since the 1920s embarked on a building boom that by some estimates included the construction of 38 new office buildings, 50 renovated offices, and 17 newly built or planned hotels. Historic Quincy Market was preserved and transformed from a gaggle of gritty stalls to a festival marketplace attracting millions of tourists. He helped trigger the revival of a forlorn waterfront from the South End to The Charlestown Naval Shipyard. Plans were launched to glorify the Public Garden by replacing the Hillbilly Ranch with the Four Seasons and to reinvigorate the Back Bay with the development of Copley Place. For all of that and much more, thank you and farewell.
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