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Been in Cairo, Russky Island, or exotic Lexington lately? Perhaps you ran into someone from the Cambridge office of Philadelphia-based KlingStubbins: 450 architects, engineers, planners, etc. The New England contingent is designing everything from hospitals to an entire Russian university, with translators and virtual meetings.
KS?s Katelyn Gosselin, Scott Simpson, and Hana Kolton
The recession isn't fun for anyone—the 55-person Cambridge office did have layoffs last year but ended Q4 with a net gain of 15 people to handle jobs like designing the 125k SF, $70M Arab Medical City, a women's hospital to be built in Cairo. Here's Katelyn Gosselin,Scott Simpson, and Hana Kolton with its schematics, completed around Christmas. Construction should start late this year with doors opening in 2013. Scott says it was especially challenging to design for the Egyptian culture. Since women will show up with family members, rooms must be large enough to accommodate them all, and in lavatories, he added, ?toilets cannot face Mecca.?
Howard Truelove, Emma Corbalan, Michael Guardina, and Melissa Woods
Howard Truelove, Emma Corbalan, Michael Guardina, and Melissa Woods are knee deep in design development for a 185k SF office/R&D building for Shire Human Genetic Therapies in Lexington. For a year, Michael?s been working on the glass, metal panel, and brick building for the pharmaceutical firm. He says knowing the company helps treat serious illnesses, often in children, was a big motivator. ?It's good to think you have a small part in helping young children.? He expects construction to start spring 2010, completing early 2012.
Nathaniel Skerry, Scott Daniels, and Tania Person
Not since Dr. Stangelove has one group had so much influence on Russia's next generation. Nathaniel Skerry, Scott Daniels, and Tania Person are designing the schematic for sections of the new Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island. Construction started early '09, to be completed 2012. Scott said the project, ?6M SF and climbing,? for 16k students, will also be the site of the 2012 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting with heads of state from around the world: ?Every day we have bilingual virtual project meetings; it makes for an interesting morning.? (We feel the same way translating James Carville on Morning Joe.)