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State: From Renter to Owner

State: From Renter to Owner
State: From Renter to Owner
At the groundbreaking last week, Gov. Deval Patrick listened to Skanska USA's Steve Eustis explain the ins and outs of the new $110M, 148k SF Springfield Data Center the state is building. Steve says once the center on Elliot Street is complete in May 2012, state agencies like the DOR, DMV, and the state police will be able to store most of their records and other critical info in two data centers they'll own (here and in Chelsea) rather than have it in many centers where it often rents capacity. The idea, says Steve, is to boost efficiency, lower costs, and have a more sustainable operation.
Skanska's Jon Melius, Chris Loskant, and Mike Shunta
Part of Skanska's onsite team, Jon Melius, Chris Loskant, and Mike Shunta are at work demolishing the 105-year-old former Springfield Technical High School and expect to start foundation excavation by August. The historic front fa ade will be preserved and the state-of-the-art data center designed by TRO JB built behind it. The facility will be sustainable, help the state with secure data storage, and give Springfield a beautiful new building in the heart of downtown. It'll employ the latest technology, like capturing the heat generated by the computers to store and then heat the facility in winter. And now that the Cold War is back on, we could definitely use the excess warmth.
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