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NEWiRE News: Suburus With Flash

NEWiRE News: Suburus With Flash
VHS’s Karen Wynne, with sister engineer Lisa Chow
At a NEWiRE lunch yesterday, we snapped VHB’s Karen Wynne andcolleague Lisa Chow. They tell us that Subaru owners who like their cars with special flair are in luck. Diversified Automotive hopes to start construction this winter on a $10M, three-acre industrial building on Mystic Pier I in Charlestown for customizing the Subarus they import. Karen and Lisa are doing conservation commission permitting for the project, which poses the challenge of providing storm water treatment on a pier that has no soil underneath. Diversified's previous five-acre vehicle processing facility on the site was demolished last summer. Also, Lisa is working with MGH to design new ADA upgrades for their main campus like pedestrian ramps for sidewalks.
AEW Capital Management’s Julia McDonald, Berkeley Investments’ Barbara Smith-Bacon
Mentors are priceless, says AEW Capital Management’s Julia McDonald. We snapped her with her sage—Berkeley Investments’Barbara Smith-Bacon— at the Boston Harbor Hotel lunch. Mentees give back energy, talent, and inspiration, says Barbara. The pair took part in NEWiRE’s mentoring program earlier this year and are still in touch. Barbara encourages other CRE women to sign up for the 2013 program by the Friday deadline. She says all you need is an open mind, listening ears, and a few hours a month to meet for coffee, drinks, or talk on the phone.