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Jennifer Pinck, president of Pinck & Co
In an ornate room at the Copley Fairmont Wednesday evening, Newire held its annual achievement awards. We snappedJennifer Pinck, president of Pinck & Co, a construction project manager and recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Her firm is now working on the $115M renovation of the 500-unit affordable housing development Castle Square with the aim ofreducing energy costs by 70%. They're also managing the $30M expansion and renovation of Norton High School; the renovations of Excel Academy Public Charter School and Heritage Apartments.
longtime NEWIRE member Krokidas and Bluestein ?s Maria Krokidas with colleague Kathryn Cochran Murphy
During the pre-dinner reception we snapped longtime Newire member and Bluestein's Maria Krokidas with colleague Kathryn Cochran Murphy, who Newire honored with the Leadership Award. Kathy tells us she's working on a new residential project at Fisher Hill. She represents the Town of Brookline, which donated the land and affordable housing funds for the 10 single-family houses and 24 affordable units. Kathy is also working with DCAMon a new building for Brigham & Women's in Mission Hill. Overall, she says non-profits are building, but don't look for new office buildings any time soon. Meanwhile, Megansett Advisors? Robin Davis (not pictured) won the Esprit de Coeur Award, given to the CRE pro who personifies supportive networking.
GEI Consulting?s Ileen Gladstone
GEI Consulting?s Ileen Gladstone won the Professionals Services Award for the work she does as an environmental engineer. Ameliorating contamination on construction sites, she plans to get going on the 340-unit Charlesview Apartments in Allston. Her firm is also working on the Integrated Science Complex at UMass Boston, a new ambulatory care facility at Boston Medical Center. Bank of America?s Elizabeth Gruber won the Suzanne King Public Service Award for her extraordinary outreach efforts.