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annon Design's CSachiko Miyagi and Mike Cavanaugh
Imagine a building with an exterior fa ade that moves to catch daylight as the sun travels through the sky, expanding and contracting the window openings. Consider a mass transit station with a design that unites two urban communities that prior construction had divided. These are just a couple of ways thatsustainability concepts are central to the work of Cannon Design. We snapped Sachiko Miyagi and Mike Cavanaugh on Thursday as the firm wrapped up it's 10th Environmental Awareness Week. Cannon Design's 1,000 employees around the world, joined by webcast, discussed concepts, products and techniques with each other and invited experts: Harvard?s Edward Glaeser, Oberlin?sDavid Orr, and the Design Table?s Taryn Mead.
Cannon Designs Jeannine Talbot, Mark Mendell
So back to that building with expandable and contractable windows. Jennine Talbot, here with Mark Mendell, filled us in on the 1.2M SF building with moveable (or paratonic) skin the firm is designing for CJ Corp, a biomedical company based in Seoul. The exterior responds automatically to changing sunlight to make windows larger or smaller, affecting how much illumination and heat reaches the building. Construction is slated to start in ?12 with a ?15 delivery. Another project: the multimodal transit station, which in and of itself is sustainable. It's being designed forCleveland, tying together the University Hospital and an adjacent residential neighborhood via multiple pedestrian pass-throughs and an art walk.