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Drivers, Plug In Please

Drivers, Plug In Please
Equity Residential?s Rob Grealy
Our DC reporter Amanda Metcalf recently snapped Equity Residential?s Rob Grealy, who says Third Square in Cambridgewill be the second ER apartment community to get a private electric car charging station. Rob, above at the company's 559-unit 425 Mass Ave NW, home to DC?s first private charging station, is giving the thumbs up to renewable energy in the new Tesla Roadster, the world?s first fully electric sports car. Equity Residential is partnering with Car Charging Group to put stations in its urban core projects across the country for free, plus a share of the revenues. Rob says the affluent, socially consciousresident base of early adopters make these buildings ideal places to roll out the amenity.
Drivers, Plug In Please
ChargePoint looks a little like a cross between a payphone and agarden hose, but it can fuel two cars at once with a 240-volt current. Car Charging prez Andy Kinard tells us about ?seeding? markets by putting in complimentary stations for building owners, with the capability to add more if usage justifies it (installation costs around $10k). Right now, the one in DC is for residents only, but paid public use is a possibility.
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