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Matthew King, Laura McKinley, and Kayte Valliere
Now that we see the completed exterior of Atlantic Wharf, Boston's newest office complex, we wondered what the inside might look like. Spagnolo Gisness & Associates is designing the 67k SF interior for Communispace, the online marketer recently purchased by Omnicom for $100M. We snapped Matthew King,Laura McKinley, and Kayte Valliere, who are conceptualizing the offices that will be a brand vibrant expression for the firm that will relo from Watertown. The interior is collaborative, i.e. no hard-walled offices and enough meeting space for everyone to have a seat anytime; that's a staff of 275 now and nearly 600 soon. The feel is upscale residential replete with a modern take on a shag rug. Displaying its interactivity, a giant screen in the lobby will show images of a visiting client's logo or the Communispace staff, well, communicating.
SGA founders Jeff Tompkins, Bill Gisness and Al Spagnolo
Working with another dynamic sector of the Boston economy, SG&A founders Jeff Tompkins, Bill Gisness, and Al Spagnolo are deep into design/development for the adaptive re-use of a Wentworth building into the new $12M Flanagan Campus Center. By August ?12, the techie haven will have transformed a ?67 caste concrete academic facility into a 21st century creation of high-performance transparent glass with metal and stone accents. Inside, a media wall will provide entertainment and school communiqu s. A Wentworth grad, Al has an emotional tie to the project and gets excited just talking about how the SG&A design will bring the Institute an extra dash of appeal.
John Sullivan, Roger Stein, and Nat Finley
For the area's burgeoning life science industry, John Sullivan,Roger Stein, and Nat Finley are designing the $50M expansionand renovation of Cubist Pharmaceuticals? office/lab building in Lexington, a suburb with a strong life science presence. The 104k SF addition and renovation of the existing 90k SF is under construction with completion set for November. SG&A solved the problem of connecting the new space to the old, which have differing floor heights, by creating an atrium with stairs that align the levels. Nat says another challenge was building two additional stories on top of the old one-story building without disrupting company operations.