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Affordable Pipeline Pumping

Affordable Pipeline Pumping
GLC Development Resources? Carol Gladstone
And on the other side of the price spectrum, GLC Development Resources? Carol Gladstone says that the tax-credit financing pipeline for affordable housing production that clogged last year has stabilized and is moving again in some quarters. Her firm, which specializes in development consulting for non-profits, is working on the master plan for the redevelopment of Jackson Square with three community groups. They're planning infrastructure upgrades and about 400 units of mixed-income multifamily housing. The site includes 13 parcels of land, the last left to be developed from the defunct Southwest Corridor Project. During the urban renewal era, this was another swath of Boston slated to be demolished for highway construction. It was stopped by the public and politicians, including a young public transit fan,Michael Dukakis. All the experts agree it cost him the presidency...of the Southwest Corridor Project Fan Club.