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Birmingham's Numbers Add Up For Digital Workforce Relocations


Is Birmingham about to see a digital property boom? New data seems to suggest it could, as the city becomes the top destination outside London for digital workers fleeing an expensive life in the capital.

Polling by YouGov showed that one in five London tech employees are considering leaving the capital to work elsewhere. 

Now data from recruitment business Monster has Birmingham topping the list of alternative destinations thanks to the availability of digital jobs, 33% year-on-year industry growth and average salaries of more than £43,000 combined with average one-bed rents of just £638 per month.

Manchester came third, behind Milton Keynes. Leeds, which pipped Birmingham to win the digital-led Channel 4 relocation, saw higher average earnings (£50,041) and a lower cost of living, but had slightly fewer jobs available than Birmingham, granting it fourth spot on the UK-wide ranking.

"The city’s tech scene is only at the beginning of its growth curve," West Midlands Growth Co. Chief Executive Neil Rami said. "Becoming the UK’s first 5G technology test bed has created unprecedented opportunity for companies in Birmingham and the West Midlands, paving the way for a new era of UK innovation."