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Heathrow's Logistics Gift To The Midlands Unwrapped


Excited? Can't wait to see what's inside?

Heathrow Airport has unveilled the lucky locations in line for a slice of the construction and logistics work associated with its £14B third runway project.

Every few months since summer 2018 Heathrow has been peeling off successive layers of wrapping paper. The long-list of 65 has now been reduced to a short-list of 18. Early next year this will be reduced to a final, successful, list of four sites.

The West Midlands has two sites in the race: Amalga Properties' proposals for Birch Coppice and Balfour Beatty's proposals for Burton-on-Trent's Superhub.

Heathrow will select four sites to become off-site construction centres that will help to deliver Britain’s new runway, bringing jobs and economic opportunities to every corner of the country as Heathrow looks to construct as much of the expanded airport off-site as possible.

The successul sites are key to kick-starting the nationwide benefits that Heathrow expansion will bring — creating jobs and economic opportunities up and down the country years before the additional trade and tourism that will follow from unlocked runway capacity, Heathrow insisted.