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Underground James Bond-Style 'Lairs' Are Aston Martin's Latest Showroom Idea

One of the Bond-style caves designed to showcase Aston Martin cars

You're tired. You've had a busy day at the international espionage hub, you've seen ladies painted gold and very nearly been decapitated by a flying bowler hat. What you need now is a dry martini and a cave in which to visualise your new Aston Martin.

This, or something like it, must be the rationale behind the decision by Warwickshire-based luxury car maker Aston Martin to offer "lairs" like those of Bond villains as part of the showroom experience.

Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs, revealed at California's Pebble Beach, enables people to create the perfect space for their beautiful car, whether that be a bespoke garage or a complete, luxury retreat.

Entire luxury homes or retreats can be created where the car takes centre stage. The most outlandish is probably Obermoser arch-omo architecture's proposal for an automotive lair that could house works of art including the Aston Martin Valhalla and the iconic Aston Martin DB5, in a subterranean circular space.

The chosen car sits at the centre of this extravagant design that focuses attention on the vehicle, whilst providing entertainment and leisure areas, along with living space for guests.

The images are a wonderful distraction from Aston Martin's real-life problems. Less than a year after the firm went public, its market valuation has continued to plunge, falling below £1B for the first time. This is a dramatic fall from the £4.3B valuation when it floated, The Business Desk reports.

Would this look nice in the garden of your baroque mansion? Aston Martin thinks it would.

Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman’s team has already produced interior design work for the 66-storey Aston Martin Residences in Miami and his team also collaborated on the design of Aston Martin’s first global brand centre, the House of Aston Martin Aoyama, in Tokyo. They have designed the interiors of numerous Aston Martin dealership centres, and are working on other design projects relating to private residential developments.

“Aston Martin has decades of expertise in staging cars in order to present them at their absolute best, but also understands the importance of storage and maintenance of these living, breathing machines,” Aston Martin Partnerships Director Sebastien Delmaire said.

“Automotive Galleries can even be designed to fit the era if a customer has a heritage car. We are able to cover every requirement, whether it is to display single cars as pieces of automotive art or a full collection of cars in a private museum. These spaces provide an opportunity for people to create their own unique world where they can share their passion for cars with their guests. The opportunities are endless.”