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Driverless Cars Are Doing It All By Themselves In Nuneaton, And Property Needs To Watch Out

Rendering of the first parking facility for autonomous vehicles in the UK

The UK’s first connected and autonomous vehicle parking facility is now under construction in Nuneaton.

The car park, which is a major step toward autonomous vehicle use in the UK, is being delivered by Nuneaton-based global engineering firm HORIBA MIRA in partnership with Coventry University.

As part of the project, the partnership is creating a multistorey car park, on-road parking bays and parking lot environments at the facility, providing real-world parking situations to support the development of self-parking solutions.

If autonomous vehicles become as ubiquitous as many futurists believe, there are profound consequences for real estate in store, Deloitte has predicted. They will reshape urban geography, but their success depends on ride-sharing apps and places to store the self-driving vehicles.

The parking areas will be co-located in the HORIBA MIRA City Circuit, a fully controllable, purpose-built "cityscape" test track. The aim is that users can replicate parking scenarios in a simulation before being validated at the facility.

The UK government continues to push ahead with its ambition to see autonomous vehicles on public roads.