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DC Design, conference, U.S. Botanic Garden, Architect of the Capitol, Stephen Ayers, Capitol Power Plan, Tove Anderson, American Institute of Architects, Yolanda Cole, AIA, green, renewable energy, sustainability
Yesterday at the DC Design conference, we snapped Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers flanked by colleague Tove Anderson and AIA DC prez Yolanda Cole (those trees are in the background because it was at the US Botanic Garden). Stephen is responsible for all of Congress' buildings on the Hill and tells us he's making sustainability a priority. The Capitol Power Plant now runs on natural gas, and Stephen says private partners have invested over $100M to make his buildings more energy efficient. Light harvesting (where sensors brighten or dim lights depending on how much natural light's available) alone has saved AOC 70% on its electrical bill. And, the Botanic Garden has developed the Sustainable Sites Initiative to encourage the sustainable design, construction, and maintenance of landscapes.
Golden Bear, Matt Tanski, Greenspring, Danielle Shaurette, Nemetschek Vectorwork, Jeff Ouellette, Department of Justice, DoJ, Virginia Calkins, Moody Nolan, Patrick Williams, Lynn Garfinkel, DC Design, U.S. Botanic Garden
Peeking out between the leaves are Golden Bear's Matt Tanski and Greenspring's Danielle Shaurette with Nemetschek Vectorwork's (we could pronounce it if we wanted to) Jeff Ouellette, DoJ's Virginia Calkins, and Moody Nolan's Patrick Williams with wife Lynn Garfinkel. Danielle designs seniors housing units and tells us more residents are demanding environmentally friendly features.