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Mike Drusano and Morgan Gilligan at the Four Seasons in Harbor East on July 26, 2012
A few more worthwhile pictures from Bisnow's recent Future of Downtown & the Waterfront event. We snapped Stewart Title's Morgan Gilligan (right, with Construction Risk Solutions' Mike Drusano), who tells us Q2 was his firm's eighth best in the past 14 years (profits up 319% over Q2 '11).
Justin Martino, JPB Partners' Dick Story, Emily Brown, and Gary Ventry at the Four Seasons in Harbor East on July 26, 2012
JDavis Architects' Justin Martino came in from Philly and got in some networking with American Office's Emily Brown, JPB Partners'Dick Story, and Maryland Department of Economic & Business Development's Gary Ventry. Justin, who once lived in the Northwest, suggests Bisnow launch its 23rd market in Vancouver as a stepping stone to Bisnow Hong Kong. Asian capital is flowing in Vancouver, he tells us, so much so that housing is being torn down and replaced with mansions that the locals call "Hongcouver Specials." Last week, Emily and her husband drove their kids to Milwaukee, where their daughter is entering Marquette on a lacrosse scholarship and their son will be a sophomore at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.
Bronwyn LeGette and Lou Ghitman at the Four Seasons in Harbor East on July 26, 2012
Post-game in the lobby of the beautiful Four Seasons, we ran into WorkSpaces' Bronwyn LeGette and Design Collective's Lou Ghitman, who told us they were off to "celebrate Baltimore's new urban life," which we believe translates to shopping—don't tell their bosses.