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Jordan Sweeney at Bo Brooks, Baltimore, MD
Republican presidential candidates aren't the only ones debating today. On Tuesday, we asked for your picks for the best crabs in town (or the world—same difference, right?). The Peterson Cos'Angela Sweeney and daughter Jordan (above) say it's Bo Brooks Downtown. Javelin 19 Investments' Kevin Hill votes for St. Michaels' Crab Claw. Kevin, we'll let you take it up with Jordan, but she looks like she knows what she's talking about.
John McGregor
ECS Mid-Atlantic's Jeff McGregor (on a friend's boat called the Mouse) would argue that his own crabs are the best. Although now that he has one-month-old and two-year-old daughters, he better not drum up too much demand since he doesn't have much time to supply. His eldest does have a bent for the outdoors, though, so her crabbing time is coming, he told us this morning,
Maryland crabs
And here's one of Jeff's hauls. He manages ECS's Frederick branch (the company has 36), which tests soil and advises developers, engineers, and architects on what kinds of foundation to use (it also does environmental and construction testing). Take Federal Realty's redevelopment of Mid-Pike Plaza down in Rockville. ECS looked at sites for three of the buildings replacing the old strip mall. Two buildings are fine with the standard shallow foundation, he says. The third, taller and heavier one, though, will need deeper foundations like piles and caissons to reach more solid ground farther below the surface. It's all about advising on cost-effectiveness without sacrificing safety, Jeff says.
Gosh, what's the real reason you like heading out to sea, Jeff? Maybe it's this spot on the Miles River near St. Michaels. Or maybe it's one of his favorite quotes, from Henry David Thoreau: "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."