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Helga Weschke, Tom Evans, Mike Hayes, Julie Woepke, and Lisa Swoboda
Retired Brigadier Gen. Mike Hayes' job is to sell Maryland to the personnel who fill the 19,090 government jobs that BRAC had brought to Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Ground's $36B worth of military installations. Flanked by colleagues Helga Weschke, Tom Evans,Julie Woepke, and Lisa Swoboda, Mike directs the Maryland Office of Military and Federal Affairs and tells us the irony of the national unemployment figures is there's a shortage of people to fill the high-tech IT jobs (many of which require national security clearance) for the defense contractors that followed BRAC here. Mike joins Konterra's Tate Armstrong, JHU's Rich Roca, Cushman & Wakefield's Peter Marcin, and other speakers at Bisnow's BRAC, Cyber, & Fort Meade Summit tomorrow. Last chance to join the dance.
Rosemary Budd
TASC's Rosemary Budd, another of our panelists, has been a defense contractor in the Fort Meade area for 30 years, so she knows just what tenants want: multiple floors with right of refusal on additional space as it opens up. (How else are they gonna have top-level games of hide and seek?) They're also tending toward five-year leases, while some properties come with 10-year minimums. Short-term, swing space is in demand, too. Contractors are looking as much as a year in advance. She hopes the next BRAC legislation will incorporate transportation planning. Above, Rosemary is reminiscing over parasailing pictures from her recent Ocean City, NJ, vacation. Or perhaps considering it as a new way to commute?