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Vanessa Ichnoski, Joanne Edwards, Grace Laria, Jon laria, Brian Cyr, Lila Shapiro-Cyr, Noah Cyr, Owen Cyr, Brooke, Bill, Valerie Burke, Ashley, Nick, Kasadi, Stuart, and Robin on Dec. 15, 2011
The Baltimore Ballard Spahr office spent some holiday time at Business Unlimited Maryland's Elf Night at the Salvation Army prepping gifts of clothes and toys to help fill the wish lists of more than 4,500 area children. The legal eagle elves in the back row are Vanessa Ichnoski, Joanne Edwards, Grace Laria, her dad and real estate managing partner Jon, and real estate partner Lila Shaprio-Cyr, her husband Brian Cyr, and their children Noah and Owen. Up front is Valerie Burke's (third from left) family: Brooke,Bill, Ashley, Nick, Kasadi, and (standing on the far right) Stuart and Robin.
Kathy Brooks, Kim richmond, and Silvia Berlic at 8601 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 200, Columbia, December 2011
Manekin's Columbia office gathered gifts for Toys for Tots and extended the celebration with a decorating contest. The HR department (here's Kathy Brooks, Kim Richmond, and Silvia Berlic) built a fireplace in the hallway (Dear fire marshall: It was just for show). Asset management and construction stepped up with donations of Tonka and Hess trucks and Transformers; accounting went feminine with Barbies and baby dolls; and brokerage, development, HR, and investment services went with games, Nerf balls, and Legos. "We're a full-service company," says Marie Gerwig.
8601 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 200, Columbia, December 2011
We commend the property management department's dedication to working with what it's got.