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Bird Watching

Bird Watching
Ed St. John and Mike Campitelli at M&T Bank Stadium on Dec. 3, 2012
Ed St. John and company were kind enough to host us in their Sky Box at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday. We snapped Ed with Mid-Atlantic Masonry's Mike Campitelli, who comes from a long line of family bricklayers and whose company has built every single St. John building for 42 years. That's a lot of bricks.
Andrew Roud and Jerry Wit at M&T Bank Stadium on Dec. 3, 2012
We snapped St. John Properties' Andrew Roud (with Jerry Wit), who oversees development at Maple Lawn Corporate Center, Lexington Exchange, and the Maryland Science and Technology Center @ Melford, where an 80-foot landmark with the St. John name rose up a few weeks ago.
Mel Kiper at M&T Bank Stadium on Dec. 3, 2012
We think we snapped Mel Kiper. The ESPN analyst, famous for his Big Board and NFL draft analysis, is a Baltimore native.
M&T Bank Stadium on Dec. 3, 2012
Here's a brave soul wearing a Steelers hat and carting a Terrible Towel, although there also are unconfirmed reports that our Baltimore reporter was wearing black and gold socks.