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Jordan Steinfelder 'Digging Pretty Hard' In Return to Title Insurance


Jordan Steinfelder, business development executive at Chicago Title's commercial office in Baltimore, has found success in multiple fields, such as the auto industry and even golf.

However, it was the title industry that reeled the University of Maryland product back in. During a recent chat with Bisnow, Jordan discussed his past endeavors and his plans for a bright future in this crucial sector of CRE. 

Bisnow: You tried other careers before landing at Chicago Title. What led you to the title industry?

Jordan: Shortly after college, I pursued my lifelong dream to play golf for a living. Unfortunately, two shoulder surgeries put that dream to bed. When that door closed, I got into the "real world" with some sales jobs, and I finally came upon this job with Chicago Title. I really feel that this role can offer me an enduring, successful career.

Bisnow: You opted to return to the this unique slice of the CRE world. What were your expectations when making the leap?

Jordan: I didn't really know what to expect. Our veteran business development rep, Terry Arenson, has been a top producer for our company for 30 years. He hired me because he wanted to bring on someone that he could mentor. I'll be working alongside Terry to grow our presence and market share.

Terry has strong and long-standing relationships in the region. I will be focusing on building relationships with newcomers to the region, as well as rising CRE industry players. He's very successful, so getting to learn from him is a great opportunity.

Bisnow: Where are your focusing your efforts?

Jordan: Right now, I'm focused on Baltimore, but I'm not opposed to seeking out business on a national level. 

Bisnow: You've been with Chicago Title since April. Has it been a smooth transition?

Jordan: I'm digging pretty hard right now. I have a lot of connections but right now I'm in the process of meeting a lot of people while getting my name out there.

It's a long-term relationship type of business. Most CRE players have title relationships, but if you are persistent and professional you can break in over time. Representing one of the best commercial title teams in the country is a foot in the door. 

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