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Bisnow Exclusive: Comcast Is Bringing Its First Ever Gig Speed Internet to ATL Apartments

While having a nice fitness center or resort-style pool is becoming a more customary amenity for apartments, Mill Creek Residential and Comcast are rolling out an infrastructure amenity that changes the game. As Bisnow has exclusively learned, the telecom giant has spearheaded its first-ever agreement in Atlanta to eventually bring gig speed Internet to a single apartment project.


Mill Creek Residential has inked a deal and installed Comcast's fiber network directly into Modera Morningside.

Comcast is in talks with Mill Creek to unroll the program—under which the telecom provider spools fiber from its hub property to an individual apartment unit—at other of its Atlanta locations.

The cable provider can offer 150 Mbps service to Modera right now, says Comcast's Alex Horwitz. While gig fiber is already offered by Comcast to many single-family dwellings, this is the first time this level of intensity is being brought to individual apartment units. “By bringing fiber directly to each residential unit, we pave the way to eventually offer the most advanced products and the fastest speeds in the marketplace, including gigabit-speed Internet service,” Alex says. "Sort of like future-proofing our network for anything."


While Internet has become an expected commodity for apartments, much like water or trash service, many owners are seeing better speeds as a selling factor.

North American Properties' Mark Toro told a Bisnow audience last year the company is looking at gigabyte speeds the same way it looks at water and sewer and natural gas. "It's something I expect we'll have at every project moving forward.” He's since put gigabit speeds at NAP's Avalon project.