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The Top 4 Things Building Owners Should Look For In An Internet Provider


After a year of working from home, streaming from home and learning from home, multifamily tenants agree that one of the most important things landlords can offer is a fast, reliable internet connection. Staying connected has never been more important for tenants, which is why it has never been more important for building owners to choose the right internet provider. 

However, choosing an internet provider can be easier said than done. What should property owners be looking for in their internet provider? How can they know they are providing their tenants with the best possible connection? 

“I believe that it is important for owners to understand that one of the top amenities that residents look for in a community or property is the internet capability,” said Sarah Jordan, director of sales with Quantum Fiber, a fiber optic internet network provider. “It is imperative that internet service providers deliver a seamless, ubiquitous, customer experience.”

Bisnow recently spoke with Jordan to learn some of the key things building owners should look for when choosing an internet provider and how they can find a company that will be able to go above and beyond to give their tenants what they need. 

Bisnow: What are the first steps property owners should take when they begin their search for an internet provider?  

Jordan: Automation, instant connectivity and simplicity are the driving forces in the amenities that residents expect from their internet experience today. Internet companies must deliver a white-glove customer experience that reflects a true partnership between the community and the internet service provider. 

That can also include next-gen, fully digital property features like Quantum Fiber’s bulk service, property-wide, private connectivity and resident instantaneous WiFi activation. Plus, our proposal planning can include residential-level research and infrastructure solutions to help meet a community’s needs. We help eliminate the guesswork and build tailored solutions. 

Bisnow: How should speed and reliability factor into property owner decisions? 

Jordan: The pandemic has accelerated the demand for bandwidth within our communities. As organizations embrace the remote workforce trend, the speed and reliability of internet connections are crucial pieces of their decision process. Residents need speeds that will allow them to power multiple devices throughout their homes, and they need to have a strong, reliable connection.

The reality is that residents' online needs are changing at a rapid rate. That’s why we decided to leap forward with our new Quantum Fiber brand. Business and resident needs are changing, and so are we. This opens new possibilities for property owners. Quantum Fiber delivers tomorrow’s speed today, giving residents the freedom to work from home, learn, shop, game, keep up with telehealth, really anything that demands a fast internet connection. Working together with property owners and their teams, we can keep residents’ smart-connected worlds in motion.

Bisnow: What security features should they look for?  

Jordan: Properties are beginning to entertain multiple security features in their communities. These include biometric screening, automated door locks, security systems, camera systems and future resident systems that haven’t even been invented yet. It is important for properties to have the fiber connection and bandwidth to power these features as automation and IoT trends continue to grow. I’ve worked with property owners who have come to realize their security features are lacking and that not all internet providers or fiber installers provide robust networking support. 

It’s always a pressing matter. Being vulnerable to cyberattacks and their aftermath keeps many owners up at night. From an internet perspective, Quantum Fiber has built-in security features that protect our users from cyberattacks. Quantum Fiber uses the power of Lumen's extensive fiber network, infrastructure and global cyber monitoring to provide exceptional service.

Bisnow: How should property owners be approaching cost considerations?

Jordan: Cost considerations are a vital part of a company’s ability to deliver on its net operating income. Focusing your capital investments on the most important amenities is key, such as bringing in a fiber-optic network to allow residents to enhance the technology experience. 

Many property owners determine returns on their investments in key ways. First, by improving property values through their fiber investment. Then, by their ability to retain highly satisfied residents and attract tech-savvy residents who are eager to move in. Additionally, selecting bulk services can provide properties with revenue-generation opportunities. From my experience, properties that account for all the benefits of their investment have greater assurances with their investors or future property buyers.

Bisnow: Are there any other factors building owners should be looking for? 

Jordan: I want to stress the importance of finding a true partner. While the speed, reliability and security of an internet service provider are all very important, it's equally important for building owners and developers to work with a company they can trust. A company that will build a lasting relationship with them and establishes a true partnership. 

Automation is amazing, but you want to make sure you have that personal touch as well. At Quantum Fiber, we strive to create a relationship where we offer strong technical support and a continuous, positive white-glove experience. 

This article was produced in collaboration between Quantum Fiber and Studio B. Bisnow news staff was not involved in the production of this content. 

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