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Mohr Partners Picks Up iCore

Atlanta Industrial

Deane Stokes, seen here with his father and son Deane III (“D3PO to you Star Wars fans”), and his iCore team have just been picked up by Mohr Partners to expand its Atlanta office. Deane tells us his firm needed a larger infrastructure to handle his tenant rep clientele: Flowers Foods, Courier Express, and Recycling Management Resources. And instead of building that up himself, it was easier to merge into a larger footprint. Deane, along with partner Philip Seagraves, were named managing partners with Mohr's Atlanta head Martin Brannon.


Of course, since we're gauging the State of the Market, we got his take on where things are today. “We've had several false starts over the past couple of years, but it seems to me now we got really good activity,” Deane tells us, fresh from catching a striped bass off the coast of Cape Cod. (The bass could not be reached for comment.)