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Cooper Carry: Office Design Update


The way we approach the design of office buildings has changed thanks to the impact of Millennials, says Cooper Carry’s Bill Halter, AIA (pictured). He’s referring to the urbanization of suburbia, where, in the past several years, developers are listening to Millennials, who not only want to live closer to work, but to work in spaces and places that offer more than the buildings in which their parents worked. Bill, who specializes in the design of commercial and corporate office buildings, says that Millennials really like the idea of a vibrant and thriving street as opposed to the winding pastoral suburban roadways dotted with vast asphalt parking lots and supported large glass boxes with tiny private offices. Bill adds that the corporate office lobby is no longer merely a front-door foyer. It’s become more of a hospitality environment with a variety of seating arrangements for people to use their wireless technology, and, even more revolutionary, to simply hang. For more info on our Bisnow partner, click here.