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While some mixed-used projects are on hold, there are still pockets of activity in places like Southeast Atlanta, where Capital 33 is building Enso, a 333-unit apartment complex at 880 Glenwood Ave., next to the New Urbanist community of Glenwood Park. What does Enso offer? Eco living.

Capital 33 is building Enso, a 333-unit apartment complex that Capital 33 is building at 880 Glenwood Ave.-Property manager Melissa White

The units span 980 SF on average, and lease rates start at $970 for a one-bedroom. Property manager Melissa White says residents will be moving in soon, and eight retail spaces will come online in early 2011. The builders are pursuing LEED Gold, with efforts including low-flow toilets and paperless leases. But perhaps the eco-friendliest part of the project is that the building will fit into a neighborhood where residents will only have to walk one block to visit Drip coffee shop, Snap Fitness, or Vickery's Bar and Restaurant.

So what does Enso mean? Glad you asked. Enso is the symbol for the Zen philosophy of living

So what does Enso mean? Apparently it's the symbol for the Zen philosophy of living. (We thought that was Deepak Chopra.) One common depiction of the concept is the 'o' in Enso; the open circle represents the imperfection of all things. Might sound like a downer, but students of Zen are meant to accept the universe as it is. Okay,Philosophy 101 is now dismissed.