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More than 500 of you joined us yesterday for our Multifamily Summit  at the W Hotel in Midtown. The news from the multifamily world: Get ready for a new round of development.

David Stockert

It's certainly true for Post Properties, which is eyeing development on many of its land holdings, says CEO David Stockert, chatting with the audience above. "We think we have a window and we think that's where we ought to focus our attention," he says.

Joseph Keough, AMLI Residential Chairman Gregory Mutz, King & Spalding Partner D. Clayton Howell (skilled moderator), David Stockert, and Gables Residential CEO David Fitch
Here?s our first panel, which featured multifamily owners: Wood Partners COO Joseph Keough, AMLI Residential Chairman Gregory Mut z, King & Spalding Partner Clay  Howell (skilled moderator), David Stockert, and Gables Residential CEO David Fitch  pondering the state of the apartment industry. Development is getting attention since the opportunity to buy  properties is dwindling, driven in large part by pressure on pricing. Joseph says his company is planning six new projects  across the country, including in Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, and San Diego.
Thomas Ryan, Transwesterns' Mike McGaughy, Reznick's Wendy Langlais-Tillery (moderator), Robert LaChapelle, EVP of CBRE's debt and equity financing group, and Darrell Moore
Refinancing is ruling the day in multifamily, according to our second expert panel, which included Metlife Real Estate Director Thomas Ryan, Transwesterns' Mike McGaughy, Reznick's Wendy Langlais-Tillery (moderator), Robert LaChapelle, EVP of CBRE's debt and equity financing group, and Darrell Moore  with Walker & Dunlop. Both Darrell and Thomas said demand is about 80% for refinancing. The prospect of more mixed-use projects  is also dwindling, especially since rents in multifamily projects developed in the past few years have not met rental expectations, Thomas says. "The academics are going to move to the sidelines and developers are going to move toward more efficient development," Robert noted, citing how mixed-use financing has  fallen out of favor.
The day ended on a positive note from Thomas: "It sure feels much better this year than last." That was until Mike interjected, "With the exception of the University of Georgia losing three in a row in the SEC." (Or maybe that's good news to a few of our readers.)
Timothy Goodwin, Pollack Partners Steven Shore and King & Spalding's Clayton

We snapped King & Spalding's Timothy Goodwin, Pollack Partners Steven Shore, and King & Spalding's Clay Howell  schmoozing over coffee and pastries. Steven tells Bisnow his company is  chasing deals. Most recently Pollack Partners purchased a foreclosed St. Petersburg condo project called Bay Isle Key for  $32.5M.

And we gathered CoreLogic SafeRent?s John Sullivan, Frank Pounds and Larry Feld for a a quick pic. CoreLogic was one of our illustrious sponsor?s for Wednesday?s event.

Also spotted: CoreLogic SafeRent?s John Sullivan, Frank Pounds, and Larry Feld. CoreLogic was one of our illustrious sponsor?s for Wednesday?s event. The team was promoting CoreLogic's renters insurance programs as well as a statistical lease screening product called Registry ScorePLUS.