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What Is Bisnow? Don't Take Our Word For It

What Is Bisnow? Don't Take Our Word For It


Who we are is pretty simple, and our story was recently featured inFolio Magazine. If you don't know, Folio is the Sports Illustrated of magazines about magazines. (Instead of swimsuit issues, they just show magazine spines.) We'd love if you read the whole thing here. But if you're in a rush, here are a few choice quotes.

The company launches newsletters and events targeting regions that have a thriving real estate development community—especially regions that have their own niche markets. Instead of Manhattan, think Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Content aggregation and curation is not part of the model. Each market has a dedicated beat reporter who works the phones to build sources and news.

FYI: We're available for write-ups in any magazine. We don't do nudity, unless it comes with a ticket to a picturesque island.