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Tech Tips & Tricks to Make Real Estate Easier

Tech Tips & Tricks to Make Real Estate Easier

It's no longer cute to be naive about technology. It's a liability. If you're scared about the future leaving you behind, do what the rest of us do: get on Tumblr and share your misery. Or just read our special edition, highlighting the latest tech uses in real estate.

Looking to fill small vacancies in your building? Search engine optimization (SEO) may be the answer. NAI Houston co-managing partner Jon Silberman tells us small tenants often turn to the Internet to locate brokers or properties, and SEO improves your organic rankings (how close to the top you are in search results... you don't want to get buried under cat videos and Miley Cyrus gossip). He says like any marketing tool, it's worth putting the money and time into; his firm just hired someone to work on SEO full time. (He believes you need to keep on top of it all day to stay competitive.) He also suggests blending organic SEO and paid spots with search engines.

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