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Here's your new CRE softball league champions—bloodied, bruised, but happy (we couldn't tell behind those red shirts, though). Carter successfully  defended its title  again this year, beating out Colony Bandits in a rollicking final game last week that saw Carter top the opposition 23 to 9. As Seefried Properties' Doug Smith (who also was a pitcher for Colony Bandits) put it in a recent email, ?Are we seeing a dynasty in the making?? Not only did Carter win the series last year, but also made it to the finals the year before.

Carter's Watson Brown

Here's a picture of Carter's Watson Brown, winding up for one of his many homers. ?I think everybody in Carter's starting lineup got a homerun,? Doug says. Doug also credits Carter's Ward Entrekin  for making ?several spectacular plays? as shortstop. With a trophy in hand for the second year in a row, we suspect the other teams will be definitely out for blood next season to prevent a dynasty. Will this be the Yankees-Red Sox duel of the South?

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