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kay sargent teknion panel corenet global summit future workplace open floorplan georgia world congress center
No surprise, but technology is having dramatic effects on CRE usage. That was the message yesterday from a CoreNet Global Summit panel focused on what the future workplace will look like, featuring Teknion's Kay Sargent, Cisco Systems Relina Bulchandani, and Jones Lang's Peter Miscovich. Kay says that 77% of companies surveyed say they are moving toward open workspace with fewer individual offices, and 46% are focused onremote working. And that's leading to less of a need for SF. Formerly, a company would on average have 120 desks for every 100 employees. Today, Kay says, that ratio is more like 60 desks for every 100 employees: ?That's really where the savings take place.?
jones lang lasalle peter Misgovich corenet global summit square footage shrink technology mobile georgia world congress center
Desks are one thing, but Peter spells out the changes in SF. In the '80s, companies leased an average of 500 to 700 SF/person (most of for our hair), and utilized two-thirds of the space. Today, that has been reduced to 200 SF/person with at most a 50% utilization rate. By 2015, Peter predicts it will be 50 SF/person with 85% utilization rate. So, how are people working? Remotely, especially with the adoption of smart phones and mobile tech. By 2020, Peter says 6 billion people will have mobile phones. ?People will have a mobile phone before they have the electric light.? To see the entire discussion, and other CoreNet Global interviews, check out JLL'sYouTube page.
coca-cola matt fanoe brand proactive panel unused real estate disposition georgia world congress center
We also got a chance to hear Coca-Cola's real estate guru Matt Fanoe chat about the science behind his profession yesterday. Matt, above on a panel on what to do with unused corporate real estate, emphasized being proactive with local communities not only to work with municipalities on the ?highest and best use? of any resale of the property, but also the citizens, many of whom are likely affected by a plant closure. ?Part of that is protecting the brand,? Matt says.
Mannington commercial Rick Morris, Russ Neese and Mark Grund der biergarten stats jones lang lasalle nustar commercial flooring contract corenet global summit
And what would be a global summit without the after parties? Here's Calhoun-based Mannington Commercial's Rick Morris, Russ Neese,and Mark Grund, who just received an assignment to do thecommercial flooring for NuStar's 350k SF office in San Antonio. The trio were celebrating a belated Oktoberfest at Der Biergarten at STATS at a party hosted by JLL.
John Poulus, Catalyst Development's Stephanie Pater, NKF's Andrew O'Brien and Kirk Adams w hotel wetbar qbe insurance newmark knight frank corenet global summit cumberland galleria
We also popped over to the Wetbar at the W Hotel downtown for Newmark Knight Frank's party, where we encountered John Poulus, Catalyst Development's Stephanie Pater, NKF's Andrew O'Brien, and Kirk Adams. Kirk tells us he is representing QBE Insurance in an 80k SF RFP in the Cumberland Galleria submarket, potentially leaving 210 Interstate West.
newmark knight frank andrew o'brien ilona berman jack stokes straight balla financial analyst w hotel wetbar corenet global summit
NKF's Andrew O'Brien, Ilona Berman, and Jack Stokes at the Wetbar party. Andrew says Jack, a financial analyst, is a "straight balla." We don't know what that means, but hopefully something to do with money. Or baseball.